Three-quarters of Iowans hypocritical.

Three-quarters of Iowans hypocritical.

At least that’s what the title of this article should have been in the USATODAY:

A poll conducted for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in May found that 71 percent of Iowans oppose [horse] slaughter, and three in four Iowans oppose having a slaughterhouse in their community.

Pretty ironic, coming from a state where  at least 97% have no problem slaughtering millions of other animals for their enjoyment.

Next we will get a poll telling us how mad they were at Michale Vick.

I don’t mind my food being raised in my community.¬† Why do ~75% of Iowans have a problem with it?

Why is it considered child cruelty to show non-vegan children where their food comes from?

Maybe they should reexamine their beliefs.

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