Grist author unaware rest of world exists.

Grist author unaware rest of world exists.

Disappointing, really:

Another option for these companies would be to simply raise prices. McDonald’s could bump up a Big Mac above its current $3.99, not to mention all the items on its Dollar Menu. (Note to internet: That oft-cited claim that doubling workers’ wages would only require increasing the price of a Big Mac by $0.68: Wrong!)

But it’s hard to call the “Dollar Menu” the Dollar Menu when its contents cost a buck 17. And you can’t raise the price of a Big Mac just a little! It’s $3.99 for a reason. I imagine that sticking to these “magic prices” is as much of a concern for McDonald’s as anything else. And in an era of rising meat costs, it should make you wonder what the company has had to do to its “burgers” to maintain that dollar price point. *Shudder*

Unfortunately the author has never been to Copenhagen, where you can get a Big Mac for about $5 US from a worker who is making over $20 US.  And the country hasn’t folded yet! McD’s hasn’t shut their doors! Imagine that! Yet they’re still able to provide every single person with healthcare, a decent education, a number other social services, etc, etc, etc. And you don’t walk over poor people in the streets! Turns out its better for your economy if a few million workers can actually afford your Big Mac, cause no matter how fat Limbaugh gets, he’s only gonna eat a few hundred a year.

PS.  There is no legal minimum wage in Denmark.  So you can save the nonsense about being “competitive.”

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