Conservatives and their libertarian football – Part #4,145

Conservatives and their libertarian football – Part #4,145

One of the more bizarre* aspects of the libertarian movement and their current war with the republican party is their desire to elect conservatives over liberals, whom would share are least a FEW areas of agreement.  (This assumes you think Libertarians exist at all, and are not just conservatives themselves.)  The common retort I hear is that liberals are just as bad as conservatives on the police state – for example, we would have invaded Iraq and written the Patriot Act all on our own.  This is beyond absurd.  Democrats may vote for these things when pushed into a corner because they are in general pussies and don’t want to be beaten over the head with these sticks come election time.  But to even suggest that they would come up with these hair-brain schemes on their own and then implement them, especially when they spend most of their time mired in an intra-party war between neoliberals and liberals, is pure lunacy.  And no one takes seriously the notion that conservatives want to shrink the government – see: history, all of recorded – unless the other party is in control of at least a branch of the government.

If Libertarians wanted to do more than pay lip service to liberty, they would stop electing those who do the most damage to it.  After all, they will never get rid of social security and medicare, so they might as well accomplish as much as they can with their limited following.

*Bizarre, if you take them at face value that their desire is to increase “freedom” or “liberty” in a principled way, and not just stick it to the poors.  And I’m not dumb enough to fall for it.

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