Ted Cruz is right.

Ted Cruz is right.

The only time I’ll ever say that?  Hopefully?

But he’s correct about one thing: we should encourage all of the republicans to refuse to fund the government in order to defund Obamacare.

And the reason is pretty simple: the damage republicans can do over the next two years is larger than the damage they can do shutting down the government this one time, and making it more likely democrats can retake all of congress and have the presidency.

There is a very low probability that democrats can take the house in the current environment – which means that unless something changes the game, it will be two more years of republicans trying to harm the country.  Literally speaking, democrats need to win the popular vote for the house by ~7% to even have an EVEN chance of taking back the house due to the horrific gerrymandering inflicted upon the country.  In their biggest wave election in recent history, they only won by ~8%.  Think about that for a minute, how horrific Bush was to cause that.

So we need to let them shoot themselves in the head – even if it causes temporary harm to the country.  We cannot let the terrorists continue to hold us hostage, shooting a few at a time, hoping that one day something (what exactly?) happens where democrats can take back over and get back to fighting between liberals and neoliberals.  We will save more people in the long run.

In either case, people are going to get hurt.  I’d rather save as many as possible.

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