Our failed patent experiment.

Our failed patent experiment.

More hand-wringing from those who purchase our politicians, about others who more effectively purchased out politicians:

“Litigation brought by patent assertion entities (PAEs), commonly called trolls, has exploded in size and scope, and now represents a majority of all patent litigation,” the companies write. They cite research by Boston University researchers that patent trolling costs the economy at least $29 billion per year.

The letter was organized by Google and other major technology companies, but it includes signatures from a large number of distinctly low-tech businesses. Retail outlets like J. Crew and Macy’s signed the letter. So did grocery stores like Safeway and Kroger. And home shopping networks Jewelry Television and QVC.

Google crying about patents?  Now that’s rich!

Time to end the whole system and start over from scratch.  This should be something every conservative could agree on, if they really cared about stuff like “free-markets,” instead of just paying it lip service while actually sticking it to the poors.

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