Libertarian shills and the conservatives they lust for.

Libertarian shills and the conservatives they lust for.

I know it’s easy pickin’s, but I cannot ever seem to get over how dumb and hypocritical Libertarians are, compared to their (stated) goals of “freedom” or “liberty” or whatever they pretend they care about.

Comes now Mother Jones, once again reminding us that the single largest infringement of liberty ACTUALLY OCCURRING in the country right now is the war republicans are waging on women’s rights to control their bodies.

The fact that this is actually occurring, and not some mythical example of maybe getting some medicaid expansion if your state wanted it (or whatever else they pretend is an infringement on liberty), you’d think they’d be up in arms trying to elect every liberal in any election where the choice is between a liberal and a conservative (or a neoliberal), in order to put an end to the war on women’s rights, and the conservative desire to spy on every American to supposedly “protect us.”

These are policies that are, again, actually occurring right now.  But do libertarians seem to care?

No.  Which is why one can only conclude that their actual goal is the same as conservatives – to use their supposed “principles” to stick it to the poors.

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